Discover the best restaurants in Sanya open in 2021. With the freshest seafood and many different cuisines from Sichuan and Cantonese to Italian to Russian, Sanya is a great desstination for foodies and you will want to try all these Sanya Restaurants!

Many online lists include restaurants that have long closed down. This list is accurate as of June 2021 and will be updated frequently.


Bread Street Kitchen and Bar (Haitang Bay)

Intro: Famous chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant at the Atlantis Hotel in Haitang Bay (25km east of Sanya). This upmarket eatery is pricey, but if you are craving a taste of England, then is worth it. The Atlantis is worth seeing for the Lost Chambers aquarium and water park.

What”s on the menu? Fish and chips, beef wellington, risotto, pasta, pizza, steaks

How is the location? Not central, but worth the trip to visit and also see the aquarium.

We recommend: The Sunday roast

Approximate Cost: Traditional fish and chips ¥188 ($29). See the menu for more.

Address: Hotel Atlantis, North Haitang Road, Haitang Bay


Royal Fusion (Sanya & Dadonghai)

Royal Fusion Bar, Sanya
Royal Fusion Restaurant, Sanya

Intro: A very popular Chinese/fusion restuarant with locations in Sanya and Dadonghai. Tasty and well-presented dishes, impressive wine list and cocktail menu, and thee best cheesecake in Sanya!

What”s on the menu? Braised pork, sweet and sour pork/chicken, ribs, whole roast chicken, dim sum and more.

How is the location? Convenient locations in both Sanya city centre and Dadonghai.

We recommend: Cheesecake!

Approximate Cost: One main and a side around ¥100. Complimentary tea.

Address: Song of Youth Mall, Yingbin Road, Sanya & 62 Yuya Road, Dadonghai

Hunanese Restaurant (Sanya)

Intro: A pleasant restaurant a couple of kilometres east of central Sanya serving Hunanese dishes that are excellently prepared.

What”s on the menu? A range of Chinese dishes including braised pork, ribs, sweet and sour chicken

How is the location? Not so central, but worth the trip.

We recommend: Hong shao rou (red braised pork)

Approximate Cost: One main dish, a vegetable dish and rice around ¥130. Complimentary tea.

Address: Chunguang 1st Alley, Jiyang District, Sanya

German Sanya Restaurants

Beer Factory (Xiaodonghai)

Beer Factory, Sanya
Beer Factory, Sanya

Intro: Large craft beer pub and restuarant close to the beach at Xiaodonghai. The food is a little pricey and nothing special, but the beers are good!

What”s on the menu? Sausage platter, steaks, pizza

How is the location? Convenient.

We recommend: The beer

Approximate Cost: One starter, one main and a glass of beer ¥200 to ¥300

Address: Intercontinental Resort, Xiaodonghai

Indian Sanya Restaurants

Little India (Dadonghai)

Intro: Sanya’s only authentic Indian restaurant. The extensive menu has dishes from across South Asia including Indian, Bengali and Nepalese specialities.

What”s on the menu? Kormas, tika masalas, rogan josh, bhajis, pakoras and much more.

How is the location? Convenient. A few doors down from Dolphin. Indoor and outdoor seating available.

We recommend: Chicken tika masala

Approximate Cost: A starter, lamb rogan josh, naan and a beer costs ¥160

Address: Yuya Road, Dadonghai

Italian Sanya Restaurants

Casamia (Sanya Bay)

Cassamia Restaurant, Sanya
Casamia (the best restaurant in Sanya)

Intro: The best Italian restaurant in Sanya by a long way thanks to the combination of excellent food prepared by the Italian chef, attentive service and price. Free freshly baked bread and iced lemon and mint water is a nice touch!

What”s on the menu? Pasta dishes (including home made green fettuccini), pizza, fish, meat, salads and deserts. A good selection of wines, aperatifs and digestifs.

How is the location? The location is great. Inside and outside terrace dining overlooking the palm trees of Sanya Bay.

We recommend: The grilled sea bass

Approximate Cost: One starter, one main and a glass of wine ¥150 to ¥200

Address: Sanya Bay Road

Cucina (Sanya Bay)

Intro: Another great Sanya restaurant with a native Italian chef and high standard of service. Cucina also benefits from a very nice setting across the street from the beach. The only negative is your bank balance after a visit.

What”s on the menu?

How is the location? Perfect. Overlooking the beach. Outside dining.

We recommend:

Approximate Cost: One starter, one main and a glass of wine ¥200+

Address: Sanya Bay Road

Mediterraneo (Xiaodonghai)

Meditarraneo, Sanya Restaurant
Meditarraneo, Sanya Restaurant

Intro: An upmarket Italian located right next to the beach. The food is expensive yet mediocre. Come here for the setting rather than the food .

What”s on the menu? Pizza, pasta, steaks, salads

How is the location? Idyllic! Less than ten metres from the clear, turquoise waters of Xiaodonhai beach. Inside and outside dining available.

We recommend: Pizza

Approximate Cost: One starter, one main and a glass of wine ¥250+

Address: Intercontinental Resort, Xiaodonghai

Russian Sanya Restaurants

Little Island Russian Restaurant (Xiaodonghai)

Small Island Russian Restaurant
Small Island Russian Restaurant

Intro: This quaint little shack set back from the main Xiaodonghai Road serves a selection of home cooked Russian dishes for Sanya’s large Slavic population. They are also famous for their shark steak, which needs to be booked a day in advance.

What”s on the menu? Borscht (beetroot soup), shashlik (grilled pork or chicken on a skewer), mimosa (Russian salad), golubtsi (meat-stuffed cabbage rolls), shark steak.

How is the location? Pleasant. Set in a small courtyard.

We recommend: Borscht, golubtsi and shashlik

Approximate Cost: One starter, one main and a glass of wine ¥150

Address: Xiao Dong Hai Road

Thai and Vietnamese

Sunshine Resort Thai Restaurant (Dadonghai)

Thai Food, Sanya
Thai Restaurant inside Sunshine Hotel, Dadonghai

Intro: A quaint little Thai and Vietnamese restaurant inside the Sunshine Hotel in Dadonghai. The best Thai green curry in Sanya!

What”s on the menu? Thai curries, spring rolls,

How is the location? Excellent. Very close to Dadonghai Bay.

We recommend: Thai green curry

Approximate Cost: Curry, rice and vegetable dish ¥150

Address: No.88 Haihua Road, Dadonghai, Sanya, 572021

Mangrove Hotel Thai Restaurant (Sanya)

Thai Restaurant, Sanya
Thai Restaurant, Sanya

Intro: A nice Thai place located in the Mangrove Resort in the north of Sanya. Perfect setting with courtyard seating next to some nice pools.

What”s on the menu? Thai curry

How is the location? Convenient.

We recommend: Thai red curry

Approximate Cost: Set mean for 2 around ¥200

Address: Fenghuang Road, Sanya

Western/Bar Food

Dolphin Bar and Grill (Dadonghai)

Dolphin Sports Bar and Grill
Dolphin Sports Bar and Grill

Intro: Dolphin is the go-to bar and restaurant for Sanya’s foreign expats and Chinese alike. Convenient location, large portions and daily deals on food and drinks make sure that this popular hang-out is always full. Pool table and live music most nights.

What”s on the menu? Tex mex, Italian, American, European and Asian cuisine from burgers to ribs, pasta and salad. Dolphin have just (May 2021) added a meat-free menu as well.

How is the location? Convenient. On the main road in Dadonghai and walking distance to the beach, bars and clubs.

We recommend: Borscht and golubtsi

Approximate Cost: Burger with two side dishes and a beer under ¥100

Address: Yuya Road, Dadonghai

FreeGen Sports Bar (Dadonghai)

FreeGeen Sports Bar, Dadonghai
FreeGeen Sports Bar, Dadonghai

Intro: A new bar and restaurant right on the boardwalk a couple of metres from the beach. The menu is not huge, but has a nice selection of pastas, steaks and snacks. The drinks menu is very good. Plus hookah and board rental. Great place to chill.

What”s on the menu? Pasta, hot dogs, steak.

How is the location? Perfect!

We recommend: steak

Approximate Cost:

Address: The Boardwalk (west), Dadonghai

Manhattan (Dadonghai)

Intro: Manhattan is one of Sanyas top nightspots and is nightclub with two dancefloors, pool table, hookah and more. During the day they serve a selection of western dishes which can be enjoyed with a cocktail next to the beach.

What”s on the menu? Pizza, pasta, steak, burgers

How is the location? Perfect!

We recommend:

Approximate Cost:

Address: The Boardwalk (west), Dadonghai

Sky Lounge (Phoenix Island)

Intro: Upmarket bar and restaurant on the 33rd floor overlooking Sanya and the Bay. Pricey!

What”s on the menu? Salads, steaks, burgers

How is the location? Amazing 360 degreee view across the city and bay.

We recommend: steak

Approximate Cost: Set meal for 2 with tomahawk steak and 6 bottles of beer ¥566

Address: Floor 33, Building A, Phoenix Island Resort


Ocean Breeze BBQ Hotel Seaside (Phoenix Island)

Intro: Phoenix Island is where you can see the four large sail-like buildings jutting into the ocean to the east of Sanya Bay. There is a large buffet restaurant and outdoor seafood bbq (you must choose if you want the inside buffet or outside bbq as the prices are slightly different).

What”s on the menu? Salads, sushi, seafood, meat dishes, desserts

How is the location? Great views across Sanya Bay. Perfect for watching the sunset too!

We recommend: Try a bit of everything!

Approximate Cost: ¥296 per person for seafood bbq and buffet (scan the QR code on the picture above for curreent special offers)

Address: Phoenix Island Resort

Rooftop Bar


Coffee and More

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Street Food

Fast Food Restaurants in Sanya

Burger King

Yalong Bay Shopping Area


Widespread across Sanya and Dadonghai at every shopping mall plus street outlets.


Widespread across Sanya and Dadonghai at every shopping mall plus street outlets.

Pizza Hut

Can be found at most shopping malls across the city. Also next to the Hyatt on Fenghuang Road.


Summer Mall, Haiyun Road/Yuya Road, Dadonghai

Summer Mall, Dadonghai, Sanya
Summer Mall, Dadonghai, Sanya

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